Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 little Abstract (non objective) pieces

 inner turbulence
vision                                                                                                                 click to enlarge.

Back to Abbies! I really love doing non-objective work. I've discovered it's not easy for the human mind to create a non- objective image. I constantly have to discipline myself not to try to make something concrete of the work. I want to just explore shape, color, texture, energy, movement, gesture, depth, layer, transparency, tone, value, contast......... yadditer, yadditer, yadditer. There is a lot to it!! A great amount of thought does go into these things without, or maybe in spite of, being representative of reality. And, then there is knowing where to stop! This is why alot of my Abby's go to the circulate filing cabinet or are hiddden away on the backs of each other. ( I hate to waste paper!)
 These are only 11 x 14" and painted in mixed media on w/c paper.

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