Saturday, November 28, 2015

New and large works

I have about 8 pieces going right now but this one is taking central stage.
Thinking big now. This canvas is about 8' by 4'. See ladder. I'm going to try to document its progress as it evolves into something in is own right. Come with me on the journey.
Stage one..... Five floating blobs of various sizes and analogous colors on the warm side(Acrylic.)
 Introducing some grids still floating and whirling around. Introducing aslo a more complimentary color on the cool side.Layers developing. I will now start to look for and define some edges. I'm also working hard trying not to fall off the ladder!
Not much change here. Close examination will however reveal some details i was meaning to add last but just couldn't resist the comic relief.Lots more to come!Click on images to enlarge.