Friday, December 31, 2010

Jarheel, last painting for 2010

Probably my last painting for 2010 unless I get some crazy urge to create in the middle of the night. Not likely!
This is another ink wash, watercolor and coffee job. I'm having fun puddling around with this stuff.
15" x 12" on illustration board. I've finally run out of Bristol!
I'm naming this one after a horse my mare Equus foaled many years ago. It was named by my then Greek husband. Here I have spelled it phonetically. Artistic license! I was told it meant Shepherd but that's all I can remember. Maybe someone out there can tell me more. Hope it doesn't mean something embarrassing.It sounds so Middle Eastern doesn't it?
I wonder what I will come up with next year. Tomorrow that is. 'appy New Year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four Arabs

Here is today's piece.A very loose ink wash  with a little coffee stain dribbled on here and there.I still have to work it a little but am happy with it overall character . Haven't thought of a name for it. I find that part almost annoying these days. Like Monet. He hated to name his pieces. When he arrived at an exhibition and they asked for a name he would make it up there on the spot. Annoyed he would mutter something like " it ....Road to Versailles or something like that. "

11 x 15" ink wash and coffee stain on Bristol board
Four White Horses .. or something like that!
And then there's the Photoshop manipulation. I used a little offset and Gamma correction.Niffy huh!!! I also have some cropped images of the horses in one's and two's.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arabian Stallion finished 'AHAB'

Ok should I keep going or call it quits and move on to the next painting/drawing? What should i do?
Go to previous post (see right of this post) to see the piece just is quick washes.
OK finished and called Ahab. Thanks Chris!

arabian stallion

Still experimenting with watercolor and substances that make interesting effects. Today its 'instant coffee' and watercolor pencils. Here is where I've done a sketch, highlighted shadows with water color pencil and puddled around with the coffee and Prussian blue watercolor. I just added some 40% ink washes and left it. Thought i'd record this before i make a mess and 'do it in' so to speak. More to follow.
I heard a quote once..... " a painting is never finished. It just stops in an interesting place". Maybe i should learn to find that place and STOP!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

blonde foal

Today's piece a Palomino Foal.
Curry powder, coffee strain, watercolor  and ink on Bristol board.
11 x 12"  prints available

Monday, December 27, 2010


Striking, small illustration 8 x 10",  graphite on Bristol board

Oil mixed media on mat board, 30" x 15"
Prints available
Graphite on watercolor paper,
24" x15 " Prints available

See here my art work in this new blog. This will serve as a record for all my art as i do it. Sort of a gallery.Check daily for uploads with images and information concerning the pieces.

Ink, watercolor and coffee stain on Bristol Board
17 x 15" prints available.

Galloping Trio
watercolor, ink and coffee strain on bristol board(watercolor mixed media)
11 x 15" Prints available

Watercolor mixed media on Bristol Board
15 x 17"
Prints avaliable

my new blog, just art

Here I'm starting my new blog with my art work only. Having a few teething problems so bare with me please. It seems you need to click on the entry headings to the right to see previous posts. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.  I will try to make some reference to my artistic process and ideas or musings as they occur to me. Let me know if I'm just raving on. I do tend to sometimes!Please make comments so i know someone is looking in. Cheers Ronnie