Saturday, November 28, 2015

New and large works

I have about 8 pieces going right now but this one is taking central stage.
Thinking big now. This canvas is about 8' by 4'. See ladder. I'm going to try to document its progress as it evolves into something in is own right. Come with me on the journey.
Stage one..... Five floating blobs of various sizes and analogous colors on the warm side(Acrylic.)
 Introducing some grids still floating and whirling around. Introducing aslo a more complimentary color on the cool side.Layers developing. I will now start to look for and define some edges. I'm also working hard trying not to fall off the ladder!
Not much change here. Close examination will however reveal some details i was meaning to add last but just couldn't resist the comic relief.Lots more to come!Click on images to enlarge.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

With Spirit (reminicent of Splosh.)

 With Spirit  about 15 x12 " Oil pastel on Illustration board
 With background removed for prints and cards. Go to
I like the rear end personally.
The late Wayne Dyer always said if you work 'with spirit' you wont go wrong!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

CurlyPaint 2 and SVAG

Curly Paint 2, 30 x 20 Oil Pastel on illustration board.Cropped Finished (I think) Click on images to enlarge.

Uncropped. Unfinished.
I have started a small art group here in Smith Valley (SVAG-tentative title) and I would have to say its one of the best things I've done in a long while.Right now we are meeting at each others studios, sharing ideas and giving each other amazing support. We, together 'will move mountains!'

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mid October in my world of Art

 I have finally taken over the top part of the unrenovated dome for a studio. A nice big, light working space.Still have the one downstairs as well. Click on images to enlarge. May take a minute.
 I have started this triptych for the show in Yerington next year. Still a ways to go on it yet.
 As Life Should Be 2. Cattle marker and oil pastel, 8 x10Bit of my eariler style showing here.
 Work in progress, Curly Paint 2. Cattle marker and oil pastel 20 x 16
"Oh no", said the Worm! Mixed media 8 x 10 Quirky stuff!
 Boomer. 20 x16 Acyrlic and pastel on w/c paper (Poor Roo, he is a little bewildered to find himself among all this abstract stuff!)
 Shards of Glass.9 x 7 Acrylic on canvas
Have a whole series similar to this now. I love these colors. They remind me of gem stones.
Take off the Lid and Look Inside. Acrylic on gessoed illustration board, 16 x 20 

These are just a few pieces i am working on right now. I usually have about six pieces going at once so I'm producing a lot of work. It would take too much of my studio time to put in all up on the blog. As you can see, the equine images are gradually running back into the paintings but much still remains abstract and quicky. I've started my pottery classes in Yerington with Rod and Susan Mcmullen and loving it. I've also been fiddling around with papier mache pulp so you can expect some 3D work to start evolving anytime soon now. Cheers for now and thanks for reading. Ronnie

Monday, September 28, 2015

Finally a break through

 Red Balloons, Mixed Media, 8 x 10

 Little Fat Plane Flying Over the Mountains. Mixed Media, 8 x 10

The three pieces above are among the 9 chosen by Jeff Pace of Artsy Fartsy Gallery in a highly successful gallery in Carson City. He chose them for their playfulness and lively energy and figured they were the ones I am most excited about. I love to work like this. He was right. I'm on a run. The day before my little blue car (maybe that's the plane in the painting above) drove me to Yerington to the Dinni Art Center where I had a good ole chat with the director, Roy! Now I have secured a show for Feb next year, am on the volunteer list and was steered toward a place where i can take some art classes.Clay!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soul Searching

Wee bit of soul searchin' going on for 'this little black duck'. I've found myself to be more than a smidgen lost in space . I've had to pull myself aside and have a good ole talkin' to. I've been tryin to be something I'm not, falling slave to my ego and thus have tumbled unceremoniously off my path. I'm a long way from figuring it.

Come sit beside me
I said to myself
although it doesn't make sense
I held my own hand as a small sign of trust
And together i sat on the fence.

Michael Leuing

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Itinerary for my road trip June 18th to July 8th

June 2015 Road Trip
*Thursday 18th June 12 noon ……..Pick up Rental Car  Reno/Sparks Avis Ph. 775 356 2490
Thursday Evening………..Red Garter Hotel   1225 W Wendova Blvd 775 664 2111
Friday  19th ………………Drive to Laramie Stay at the Ranch over night
Saturday 20th Pre wedding Celebration 4 pm 5351 Three Sisters Circle, Evergreen, Co 80439 Ph D  303 358 4849  J  303 889 9977 see printed directions
Saturday Even Stay at John and Susans J/S Indian Hills 303 882 9890  call before leaving
SUNDAY 21ST JUNE  Wedding Noon to ^
Sunday Evening J/S 303 882 9890 
*Monday 22nd June Boulder to stay with Susan (house sitting) Susan
Tuesday 23rd June Boulder with Susan
Wednesday 24th June Head for Grand Lake
Wednesday Evening stay with Sue Luton  while in GL 970 5319394
Thursday 25th June  Possible Storytelling at GL Library  Meet Michael
Friday  26 th June  Watercolor w/shop from 10 – 4pm with Donna (Karen) 970 627 5409
Saturday 27th June Watercolor w/shop day 2 10 – 4 pm
Sunday 28th  June  Bop around GL Visit friends hike or what ever
*Monday 29thJune  Back to Denver   Try to catch up with Sherry and Sally
Monday Evening stay with J/S Indian Hills
Tuesday 30th June Back to Laramie  Stay with ?
Wednesday 1st July Laramie  
Thurdsay 2nd July Laramie Head up to Shamrock in Wheatland …. Meet DS
Friday 3 rd July….Shamrock
Saturday 4th July Shamrock
Sunday 5th July hang out at Shamrock then back to Laramie
Sunday Evening Stay with ?
*Monday 6th July Head back to ‘Vada via
Monday 6th July evening maybe stop at Janice’s in Encampment Tuesday to Wendover
Stay overnight in Wendover
Wednesday 8th leave early to be back to Reno/Sparks by 12 noon. 
See ya when I'm lookin' at ya! Ronnie

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More pieces and a little digital manipulation.

 A little digital manipulation to enhance colors and textures.Click on images to enlarge!
Some art I'm working on for a friend in return for some much needed body work. (Bowen therapy) 
Oh and below a cartoon requested by Mernie for the Yoga group!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Method in My Madness

( Oh and I have a childrens book on Amazon. Robby The Roo See a few posts back.)

 Although I may seem like a mad disconbobulated artist, in my defence i do actually have a method to my madness. I start the week by freely painting between 8 to 10 underpaintings on vaious sizes and type of substrata. I then walk away from them to let them dry and think about what they would like to be when they grow up. The rest of the week (or two) is spent picking up one at a time and 'doing sometime' to it.When I get to a 'bogged down part' in one painting i go to another so i never pick on any one poor soul for too long. Some of these pieces may get to go onto Etsy or Cafe press and the rest go in the pile where they continue to think about what they might want to be when they grow up.
 Here is an underpainting for a landscape using three shapes and colors. Looks like it could turn out to be something realistic at this stage aye. What's the bettin' it doesn't!
 And another. Slapped on really quickly with no pre concieved ideas.The one below may be more realistic who knows.
The last one is finished after many layers. Sorry i didn't get to show the underpainting. You wouldn't have recognised it. The best part of this one is the title. Riding Through the Forest of Absolute Silliness. Cheers. R

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Artist in her Studio

 This is where i spend a lot of time and sometimes wonder what the heck am i doing. Alas, somewhere during the fiddlin' and fussin' pieces of artwork evolve. How much control I have over the finished product is well ......unpredictable. I have learned to stand back and get out of its way a lot of the time. That is when i do my best work and avoid headaches. More about my process in the next entry. R

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Art Events,Presentation by Pam Brekas

(See Previous Post "Wonderful workshop with Pam Brekas")
Went to Pam's presentation yesterday evening at the Copeland Building in Garnerville. There were only five of us there and what a treat! Here is a woman who is not only dedicated to her own development and journey through the art world but finds the time in her busy schedule to put herself out for other artists. Through her i have learned there is a lot of opportunity out there even in our little corner of the world and its all up for grabs for savvy artists who may happen to believe in themselves and the value of art. I came home with an arm full of brochures and handouts and, once again after visiting with her, a renewed enthusiasm. Thanks Pam.
Repeat Photo from previous post. Click on image to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jack Sikorski, Cheyenne, 2000

The Man in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self,
And the world makes you king for a day,
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that man has to say.

In 2000 while  looking for a camper shell for my Ford F 150 I came across a man called Jack a wreckers yard in Cheyenne. To cut a long story short, after showing me around and talking to me about anything but the camper shells he gave me (or did he send it to me I can't remember) a package with the folowing written o the front. Ronda Eden, there are no coincidences. Some quiet winter evening, Ronda will curl up by the fire to read the travels of a drifter. One who knew merit, more than he knew words or language. May your years be grand! Jack Sikorski. 11-3-2000.
It was his deepest thoughts manifested in words and i glanced through them thinking they were pretty good but my own life then was racing through turmoil. (What's new!) This morningI  read through the pages more carefully and being in a more settled space could appreciate the beauty of this humble man's soul felt words. I'm wondering if anyone knows what became of Jack.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Robby the Roo Now available in Paper Back

Go to Amazon and look for Robby the Roo by Ronda Eden.
Available on Kindle or as and actual book you can hold in your hands, hug and even slop your icecream over if you like that well used and enjoyed look. Ronnie

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wonderful Workshop with Pam Brekas

 Click on this image and read about an event on May 6th where you too can experience Pam's Magic.

On Monday I attended an all day workshop at the luxurious home and studio of Nevadan abstract artist Pam Brekas. This was just what the doctor ordered for me to get back into my artist brain. Pam delivered very clear and informative instruction which was followed by having us do lots of busy work. There were five of us, we had lots of room to weild paint and tools and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. I took home five paintings, two finished and sealed with a lusterous gloss finish and three to work on back in my....not so luxurious studio.The place was alive with creative energy as Pam let us go nuts with her supplies while standing by with assistance as needed.Every one was trickled pink!
 See here yours truly like a kid in a candy store.
 Kerleigh (SP) doing really beautiful work and churning out painting after painting.

Friday, March 20, 2015


I'm working on the image of a wing horse. Here is a study 11 x 14 in watercolor and acrylic glaze.Click to enlarge. R

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Abstract works

Top, Number 94
Bottom, One Way Out (Click images to enlarge)

Really going strong on abstract works right now. Most are around 14 x 11 on Mixed Media paper or board. All very textural and vibrant ORIGINALS. Please email me at for more info. All are priced between $50 and $100 right now. Ronnie in the process of constructing a website. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Abstract ( Jade ) series of six

 Two of a six part series of Abbys I'm pleased with. I'll load the rest with a commentary later. I'm on a roll!