Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Studio at the Dome up date 11/28/2018

 Untitled Abstracts. Not new but have been hidden away for a while.Still untitled.Click on images to enlarge.
 A Diptych really. 12 x 10 ish inches on canvas.
 New 11x14 mixed media on canvas. Hey You!
 Works in progress about 15 x12 MM on paper. Worked into  mono prints.
The Monkeys Know Nothing.
To be embellished future with the familar sound of hooves beats.

These are works I start with a mono printing process done on a gelatin pad using acrylic and inks. The paper is returned to the plate and rolled several times before I tape it to the easel and ask it where it would like to go next. I work into areas with more (fluid ink in this case) media then add images as they come to me. I may add more demension (or more aptly dementia) using media with more body or even collage.Not sure where the little quirky figures came from. Maybe relatives or escapees from Heironymos Bosch's Garden of Earthly delights.
I'm wanting to work more on my 3D pieces and clay but alas I have injured my thumb. Dang

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Art up date for May 2018

 Our SV Art Group has a show at the Lyon County Musuem until July 10 th. 5 artists (Stepheanie Doane, photography, Victoria Cushman, fibre, Carol McLeod, mixed media, Doana Nelson, mixed media and yours truly, mixed media) and a BIG variety of work. Great museum too! Tons to see!What a Gem in the main street of the tiny little town of Yerington, NV. I still have work at East Fork In Gardnerville, Artsy Fartsy in Carson, YTA in Yerington and Art-o-mat all over the country. Still I call myself retire. Go figure!

Click on all images to enlarge.
 Now, finally I'm back to ceramics! See above greenware ready to fire. I have a kiln and my own 'kiln technician.' Mernie of course and he does a great job.
 Hanging horse tile approx. 12 x 10".
 Joy Boys. LOL
 Doana is going to embellish them with her magic touch. Stay tuned.
 Giant button experiment.
All my bowls are a little crazy. I call them 'Odd Bowls'!
Doana Nelson and I are going on a road trip to NM next week. We are meeting our friend Michael and will be taking Taos by storm!Hopefully we will have lots of wonderfully arty photos to show in my next post.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Stength and me working on it

Here I am at working my studio.  I know, I need my hair touched up. The weather has been glorious so its been difficult to stay inside. Luckily, when the sun shines my geodesic domed studio lights up like beacon. It's nice.
This piece I'm working on is a mixed media sculpture I have temporarily titled STRENGTH as the equine forms stands on four very strong pillars.(This horse has excellent bone. LOL!) It has taken months off and on as it keeps on asking for more. Soon I will be saying, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.Click to enlarge.
 This is 'Spider Horse'. A 17" x 24" mixed media wall sculpture with rusted wire frame. Sort of fun!I think I could take a better picture though. Fix it later. Click to enlarge. That may help. LOL

Friday, January 26, 2018

New body of work for 2018, Triptych etc

 Blazed Horse and His Friends, 14 x 11 Water based mixed media
 Botticelli Mares, 34 x 40, Mixed Media (click pic to enlarge)
 Looking for More Dots, 11 x 9  Tryptich. Will probably be framed altogether.
All sizes are as unframed.
Approximate Gallery prices
Triptych $750
Email me to make an offer before they leave my studio.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Art for 2018

 Advice from Above. 15 x 11 Mixed Media

See here a new body of work for the coming year. These are works in progress. I plan to have them finished in the next couple of weeks and choof them off to the galleries. Be gone with you I will say!Stay tuned. 
Click on images to enlarge.
 SOLD to Donna Nelson.
Trotr, Hanging Sculpture made of rusted wire, rusted tin, cheese cloth, pieces of old paintings and colored papers and canvas. It's  held together with a variety of glues, paints, glases and varnishes. Probably will sell for around $225 in the Galleries.
Approximately 17" x 23" Has two large hanging loops on the back.
Oh and features a splatted 38 bullet on its butt!

Monday, April 10, 2017

High Five! Five prints I would like to promote this in 2017

 Quiet 11 x 14"
 Splosh 18 x 22"

 Attitude Large original probably 16 x 20" for a print.
 Curly paint 24 x 18" ish
 Three Pink Noses Probably 16 x 18 but could do bigger.
Should be available soon from me ronnieroo@hotmail.com or from..... www.cafepress.com/ronniesprints

Monday, January 2, 2017

Next Showing, Whinny and Gesture Jan. 13th 2017 Copeland Gallery in Minden, NV

 'Attitude'.....Mixed Media on Illo Board 36" x 40"
 Artist ...at it!
 Dancer.....Mixed Media Wall Peice 13 '' x 11" approx
Got eggs... Mixed Media, 11" x 14" on canvas
(Click images to enlarge)
See above preview of just a few peice for my solo showing in January....Details..

Whinny and Gesture by Ronda Eden
Copeland Building Gallery, 1572 Hwy 395
Friday 13th January 2017
Reception, refreshments and artist talk with a little Aussie storytelling 5-7pm
Show will be hung until March 4th 
I have about 20 new crazy pieces! Love to see y'all even just to with you a happy new year. Ronnie
Don't forget you can still purchase prints from www.cafepress.com/ronniesprints