Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January's main illustration project

Here is an illustration I've been working on with the valuable help from my 12 x 12 illustration critique group. The bottom one is, obviously, the initial sketch with a wash of color. I worked on this in both PS and Sketchbook Pro 6 first of all scanning the pencil sketch into PS then going back and forth between the programs. Some of the changes i made on advice from the group were challenging in this new media and i learned to use some tools i never had a handle on before.Here are some of the changes/additions i made........

:I added the far bank in the back ground and changed it many times. : Moved characters around to make a more interesting composition and move the viewer eye around. 
:Overlapped a few. 
:Worked with the water a lot and eventually added the cartoony lines. What i really wanted to do is make the water swirl around but i still haven't master those tools yet. Something to work on! 
:I took out the arm sticking out in front, as it made a 15th roo. I think there is only fourteen altogether! 
:I extended the canoe a little above the horizon line and added a bar across the front so it would look less like a shark. 
:Gave the punky roo in front a dye job on his hair to set him apart from the blonde girl roos and add variety. 
:Added a paddle sticking out of the water and put a little shadowing on the roos. 
:Oh and toned down the sinister looking girl roo who was hogging all the attention in the beginning. 

About seven or eight revisions in all. There's more i could do but i conside this one processed enough for now and it needs to stop somewhere (at least for a while.) A big thanks to my critique group. Let's see what February brings!

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