Saturday, January 5, 2013

could be the year for abstracts

Yes my teacher is a four year old. 
After spending the last five years or so immersed in the Equine world of riding training and recovering from injuries I'm back in my studio. I've always ascertained kids are the best artists and the younger the better. My teacher, Cole James Keller is four years old and is an excellent artist. His sense of shape color and line is unfettered by all the fuss and bother us adults collect during a life time of such. He can 'see' and feel and put it altogether making it look like it 'just fell there'. The viewer is drawn in by the spontaneous, playful nature of the image and is able to wander around inside the piece feeling like a kid again! AND can he articulate his work? You bet!
See the bottom painting. Shamefully I copied his work. Well to the best of my ability. I will never be as good as my teacher and neither will he be in a few years. R

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  1. Love this, and totally agree that kids' art is under appreciated, and I don't understand why!