Tuesday, January 11, 2011

painting in progress from sketch

I sort of wanted this to go the other way but i guess this is the way the pics loaded. The sketch at the bottom was done on illustration board in graphite then outlined and shadowed with blue aquattelle pencil. The brown shadow at the side is goodness knows what.Call it a sloppy photographer at work.(No it's not coffee)
Next i focused on Negative space only. The same sloppy photographer got to really slop around with Prussian blue water color washes and of course the mandatory coffee stains.Abstractly indicative of a landscape background.Hopefully!
Thirdly, i wet and spread the aquatelle (watercolor pencil) lines to create shadows. I came in around the eyes (too much) with ink wash and then decided i was having too much fun so made myself stop for the day. Got some things to rework tomorrow.


Eyes definitely need to be quietened down a bit. Still more work to be done.

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