Friday, December 31, 2010

Jarheel, last painting for 2010

Probably my last painting for 2010 unless I get some crazy urge to create in the middle of the night. Not likely!
This is another ink wash, watercolor and coffee job. I'm having fun puddling around with this stuff.
15" x 12" on illustration board. I've finally run out of Bristol!
I'm naming this one after a horse my mare Equus foaled many years ago. It was named by my then Greek husband. Here I have spelled it phonetically. Artistic license! I was told it meant Shepherd but that's all I can remember. Maybe someone out there can tell me more. Hope it doesn't mean something embarrassing.It sounds so Middle Eastern doesn't it?
I wonder what I will come up with next year. Tomorrow that is. 'appy New Year.

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