Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four Arabs

Here is today's piece.A very loose ink wash  with a little coffee stain dribbled on here and there.I still have to work it a little but am happy with it overall character . Haven't thought of a name for it. I find that part almost annoying these days. Like Monet. He hated to name his pieces. When he arrived at an exhibition and they asked for a name he would make it up there on the spot. Annoyed he would mutter something like " it ....Road to Versailles or something like that. "

11 x 15" ink wash and coffee stain on Bristol board
Four White Horses .. or something like that!
And then there's the Photoshop manipulation. I used a little offset and Gamma correction.Niffy huh!!! I also have some cropped images of the horses in one's and two's.

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