Friday, January 15, 2016

January Lots of things happening the studio.


 I will be having my work shown at the Dini Center for the Arts in Yerington, NV from February 13 th to my presentation on the 23rd February.I'm not sure how much longer after that it will be there but I will find out. The Art House on Nevada Street in Yerington is also having an open day on the 4 th and I should have some work there too. (This is a great little gallery so take a look regardless.) Here are some of the works in progress taking shape up in the dome studio.I'm working on a name for my show. I'm thinking Abstract Expressions with Goddess and Crone
 Click on images to enlarge.
 Crone Woman.
 Dancing Goddess
 Crone of the Blue Ugg Boots.
 Large abstract piece. Still going.
oops!Sideways detail..

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