Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mid October in my world of Art

 I have finally taken over the top part of the unrenovated dome for a studio. A nice big, light working space.Still have the one downstairs as well. Click on images to enlarge. May take a minute.
 I have started this triptych for the show in Yerington next year. Still a ways to go on it yet.
 As Life Should Be 2. Cattle marker and oil pastel, 8 x10Bit of my eariler style showing here.
 Work in progress, Curly Paint 2. Cattle marker and oil pastel 20 x 16
"Oh no", said the Worm! Mixed media 8 x 10 Quirky stuff!
 Boomer. 20 x16 Acyrlic and pastel on w/c paper (Poor Roo, he is a little bewildered to find himself among all this abstract stuff!)
 Shards of Glass.9 x 7 Acrylic on canvas
Have a whole series similar to this now. I love these colors. They remind me of gem stones.
Take off the Lid and Look Inside. Acrylic on gessoed illustration board, 16 x 20 

These are just a few pieces i am working on right now. I usually have about six pieces going at once so I'm producing a lot of work. It would take too much of my studio time to put in all up on the blog. As you can see, the equine images are gradually running back into the paintings but much still remains abstract and quicky. I've started my pottery classes in Yerington with Rod and Susan Mcmullen and loving it. I've also been fiddling around with papier mache pulp so you can expect some 3D work to start evolving anytime soon now. Cheers for now and thanks for reading. Ronnie

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  1. Congratulations Ronnie!!! A great show of your evolving work. Looking forward to seeing the 3D work!!! Hooroo Roo!